Extreme Dog Breeding

Extreme Dog Breeding

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Uploaded by Skywalker91 youtube This video took me about three days to make, and I feel I had to do it. Now, Im not bashing any breed or dog here, Im bashing the people who own and breed them to b...
Uploaded by Skywalker91 youtube

This video took me about three
days to make, and I feel I had to do it.
Now, Im not bashing any
breed or dog here, Im bashing the people who own and breed them to
be this way.

About the Shar-Pei eye tacking - yes I know it is
TACKING, but a one-letter-mistake in a 9-minute video when English
is not my native language, I think is quite acceptable.

breeds I found pictures of but that didnt make it were the Boxer,
Borzoi, Bearded Collie, Dogue de Bordeaux, Dachshund and Irish
Setter. Then of course MANY more breeds have changed for the worse,
but perhaps I couldnt find a good before picture.

And I didnt
have more time in the video, anyway, which is why I had to cut a few
breeds out, and it still became rushed.
About the disease-texts - I
know they are just flying by but they are more to prove a point than
meant to be read completely. If you want to really read them, then
pause the video.

The sources? Books, Kennel Club homepages,
breed-specific sites (written by people who really know the

Like I said, I have nothing *against* ANY dog
Just *some* of the people who own and breed them.

Hound - Awful, and just more of the bad excuses of the show
breeders. They have that skin so they can turn more easily in the
bushes - right... They have skin folds over their eyes and ears long
enough to step on so they should only focus on their sense of smell
- right...

Chow Chow - Theres no justification for breeding a dog
like that. Where are the eyes? Why the exaggerated coat (which puts
some dogs into heat stroke)? Why the straight hind legs?

- One sad story. Take a look at the Thai Ridgeback Dog - then look
at the traditional Shar-Pei. Look at the TRDs puppies - they look
like Shar-Pei almost, dont they?
Those are the wrinkles people
exaggerated because they wanted their dogs wrinkly as adults
AT LEAST 40-50% of SP puppies has to have their eyes stacked,
meaning, sewn and attached to the skin of the forehead or neck, to
avoid them getting really bad entropion at a very young age. How can
anyone justify this?

Pekingese - Now... what does the standard
say... Oh, yes. Nose Not too short, Muzzle Must be evident, but
may be relatively short, Hair Moderately long, Length and volume of
coat should neither impair the activity of the dog nor obscure the
shapeliness of body. Excessive coat must be heavily penalised. Can
the Pekingese judges and breeders read?

Mastino Napoletano What
a beautiful dog this was. I say this as an owner of one of the
original mastiff breeds, and I would love to have a Mastino, had
they existed like they were sixty years ago.
Basically all
molossers can trace their heritage back to the roman arenas, but no
molosser has owners more keen to illustrate this heritage than the
And no other molosser has evolved away from that heritage
more than the Mastino. They are but a shadow of their

English Bulldog - Probably the dog farthest away from the
original shape, of all the breeds on this Earth. Dont get me wrong,
some look fairly good, not all are horribly sick, but seriously...
as long as dogs with grotesque, oversized heads, narrow hips,
horrible hip dysplasia, heart diseases, noses at most one centimeter
long, and airways so tight and deformed they constantly snore and
struggle to breathe are awarded at dog shows - I see no hope for
this breed.
How anyone can breed animals who can barely move
freely, breathe freely and mate and give birth without insemination
and C-section with their conscience intact is beyond me.

This is
animal cruelty. Animal cruelty which is completely legal, and even
supported by lots and lo
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