Cane Corso - Ultimate Personal Security

Cane Corso - Ultimate Personal Secur...

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Cane Corso - Ultimate Personal Security.his is only a puppy!!!!Check my other videos to see the beast he has become.This boy isnot mutilated, ears and tail remain untouched. Healthy, balanced ...
Cane Corso - Ultimate Personal Security.

his is only a puppy!!!!
Check my other videos to see the beast he has become.
This boy is
not mutilated, ears and tail remain untouched. Healthy, balanced and
the strength of an Ox. Unmatched security.

Recently many owners
of so-called Cane Corso have been in touch complaining why their
dogs act unlike what the Corso is known for. Unfortunately the truth
is rather simple, poor breeding in the USA and Europe accounts for a
large percentage of the weakening of this Italian breeds heritage
and temperament. If the breeders want to breed large Corso then
maybe they should look at becoming Neapolitan Mastiff breeders.

The Corso was historically bred to be the slimmer, extremely
agile and limitless stamina of the two closely related root breeds.
I have seen far too many Corso which look like machines on steroids,
yet they do not possess the basic abilities and courage of a root
Corso. Ownership of this breed should be done with research and
understanding in mind.

A trip to Italy to see some very famous
Sicillian breeders would open ones eyes to what the breed is capable
of and how it should look and I highly recommend this before
purchasing a Corso. There is nothing wrong with bandogges, but if
you are after authentic Italian Cane Corso then you need to read the
breed standard to understand the difference in size and type, far
too many giant bandogges get passed off as Corso today, there is a
distinct difference, although the CC was historically the italian
bandog, there is a breed spec now, the CC is small and dangerously
agile, a bandogge with no spec is much larger and less than half the
stamina! To be honest, all mastiff type guard-dogs are great
power-machines, but not only are they all different in look, but
also in temperament, so what you get is what you like, but do your
research first, some of these CC require a lot of exercise! Much
more than the average GSD and Dobermann.
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