Dog water fountains coming to Wichita Falls dog park Added: (2013-02-04 23:54:41)

  • Dog water fountains coming to Wichita Falls dog park. (y: David Gonzalez -Updated: February 4, 2013)

    Wichita Falls' Off the Leash Dog Park near Lake Wichita will soon have a new amenity aimed at quenching our four-legged friends' thrist and it's all thanks to a special young man.

    Dog water fountains will soon be installed at the park with the help of a $2,000 grant from the Nutro Company, a pet food company.

    Cameron Blake, a boy scout, came up with the idea as part of his Eagle Scout project and applied for the grant.

    "It's pretty interesting how it got of the ground so easily," Blake says. "Sure, it was pretty challenging to get the grant but after that, it pretty neat how everything fell into place."

    The Boy Scouts will help provide the manpower for the project by digging holes for plumbing.

    Blake says he hopes to have the project completed by the start of spring break.