Dogs may be banned from popular walking area Added: (2013-02-04 23:51:25)

  • SNOHOMISH, Wash.

    A North Sound city is considering keeping dogs out of a popular public place and turning it into a wildlife sanctuary.

     The city of Snohomish wants to use an unused former sewage lagoon next to the wastewater treatment plant for the sanctuary, but the area, just on the other side of the sewage plant, has become a popular place for people to walk their dogs.

     The 55-acre lagoon is along the Snohomish River, just west of town, near Highway 9.  People walk their dogs on a trail around the edge of the wetland.

     According to the Herald, most people seem to be on board with the idea to turn it into a wildlife sanctuary, but the disagreement comes from whether dogs should be allowed on the property.

     Some said dogs could disrupt the wildlife, especially birds. The Herald said more than 140 bird species have been identified at the lagoon and wetland. Another concern is that owners haven't been cleaning up the waste left by their dogs around the lagoon.

     The City Council is studying the issue and is expected to make a decision sometime this spring or summer.

    Dogs may be banned from popular walking area.