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V3  Puna vom Amur

Puna vom Amur
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Sire: Figo vom Nordteich

Figo vom Nordteich
  •  SZ: 2259562
  • DOB: September 3, 2010
  • Tattoo: N/A
  • Color: sb
  • Title: IPO-3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 80
  • Show Rank: V11

Dam: Darling von Godalis

Darling von Godalis
  •  SZ: 2260068
  • DOB: November 23, 2010
  • Tattoo: N/A
  • Color: sbA
  • Title: IPO-3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 82
  • Show Rank: V13


vom Fichtenschlag
SZ: 2208401
Remo vom Fichtenschlag
Thora vom Fichtenschlag
 SZ: 2157843
Wilko vom Fichtenschlag
 SZ: 2110006
Orbit von Tronje
 SZ: 2037762
Lufti vom Hühnegrab
 SZ: 2106361
Ola vom Akrobat
 SZ: 2053063
vom Nordteich
SZ: 2217074
Aida vom Nordteich
Figo von der Orangerie
 SZ: 2160453
Zamp vom Thermodos
 SZ: 2101021
Ute vom Thermodos
 SZ: 2051039
Wenus von der Orangerie
 SZ: 2081838
Mack von Aducht
 SZ: 1995026
Tessy vom Brachttal
 SZ: 2005654
vom Hasenborn
SZ: 2194208
Paer vom Hasenborn
Quenn vom Löher Weg
 SZ: 2119344
Uran vom Moorbeck
 SZ: 2058750
Ursus von Batu
 SZ: 1932624
Vina vom Moorbeck
 SZ: 1905993
Elsa vom Kuckucksland
 SZ: 2038495
Yada vom Mittelwest
 SZ: 2187964
Stano vom Hasenborn
 SZ: 2093606
Baru von Haus Yü
 SZ: 1972084
Pia von der Zenteiche
 SZ: 2016888
Rikkor von Bad-Boll
 SZ: 1919865
von Satyr
SZ: 2153622
Ornella von Satyr
Opal Karanberg
 SZ: 2099320
Orbit von Tronje
 SZ: 2037762
Neptun von Bad-Boll
 SZ: 1959513
Babette von Tronje
 SZ: 1959640
Zimba vom Hirschel
 SZ: 1977662
Luci vom Hirschel
 SZ: 1907278
Madonna von Satyr
 SZ: 2123223
Kevin vom Murrtal
 SZ: 2020273
Rikkor von Bad-Boll
 SZ: 1919865
Farina von der Noriswand
 SZ: 2082848
Orbit von Tronje
 SZ: 2037762

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Puna vom Amur

  • Category
  • Reg. No. 1
  • Reg. No. 2
  • Date Of Birth
  • Tattoo
  • Micro Chip
  • Coat Type
  • Color
  • Title
  • Show Rank
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • SZ/2288268
  • N/A
  • November 27, 2012
  • N/A
  • 981189900024170
  • Stock Coat (Stockhaar)
  • sbAKL
  • IPO-2/Kkl1
  • V3 (DEU)

Genetic Health

  • Hips (HD)
  • Elbows (ED)
  • Breed Value
  • DM
  • DNA Profile
  • SV: HD a-normal (a1)
  • SV: ED a-normal
  • 80
  • Geprüft - Checked

Anatomy Data

  • Date
  • Height/Withers
  • Breast Depth
  • Breast Width
  • Weight
  • 2016-17
  • 60 cm / 23.6 in
  • 28 cm / 11 in
  • 78 cm / 30.7 in
  • 30.0 kg / 66.2 lbs

Koer Report

Overall assessment: Large, expressive, bones strong, stretched. Very well-shaped head, high withers, especially harmonic top and underline, correct length and situation of the croup. Very good bending of the pre and hindquarters with broad, well-muscled legs, balanced chest proportions, straight front and step sequence. Particularly harmonious, powerful movement with effective replenishment, free precedence and right back transfer. Safe nature, TSB pronounced.

Temperament, nerves, gun sureness, drives, self confidence, loadability (TSB)

Temperament: firm; natural
Alert, Attentive: present
Nerves: firm
Impartiality: present
Gun sureness: present
TSB: pronounced

Evaluation in stand and motion

Constitution: strong
Expression: lively; noble
Structural characteristics: normal proportions; substantial
Bones: strong
Muscles: strong
Firmness of ligaments, front: very good
Firmness of ligaments, rear: very good
Back: firm
Elbow alignment: very good
Firmness of pasterns: good
Front: straight
Croup: normal length; normal lay
Firmness of hocks: good
Gait: forward straight gait; back straight gait
Length of stride - front reach: very good
Length of stride - rear drive: very effective
Nails: dark
Paws: Front round, tight; back round, tight
Head: strong
Colour of eyes: dark
Upper jaw: strong
Lower jaw: strong
Dentition: healthy; strong; without gaps; scissors bite
Dentition faults: -

Special Qualities: Harmonious overall appearance with very good grandeur.

Advice for breeding: Suitable for improving the expression of lines and bone strength.

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