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V1  X-Box dei Precision

X-Box dei Precision
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Sire: Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloß

Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloß
  •  SZ: 2020853
  • DOB: October 19, 1997
  • Tattoo: R-L 3988
  • Color: sgA
  • Title: SchH2/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 87
  • Show Rank: N/A

Dam: Toska vom Frankengold

Toska vom Frankengold
  •  SZ: 2116315
  • DOB: December 5, 2002
  • Tattoo: Z-A 4643
  • Color: sb - Blk/Brn
  • Title: SchH3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 85
  • Show Rank: V3


von Deodatus
SZ: 721650
Scott von Deodatus
Gustl vom Wildsteiger Land
 SZ: 1810104
Jeck vom Noricum
 SZ: 1705812
Anett vom Noricum
 SZ: 1624738
Karmen vom Murrtal
 SZ: 1725635
Ayke vom Murrtal
 SZ: 1578940
von der Wienerau
SZ: 1947408
Ungana von der Wienerau
van Noort
SZ: 2060364
Esto van Noort
Yasko vom Farbenspiel
 SZ: 2010154
Ursus von Batu
 SZ: 1932624
Verena von Batu
 SZ: 1834230
Alke van Noort
 SZ: 1975706
Enja van Noort
 SZ: 1907261
Nero vom Hirschel
 SZ: 1783907
Inska van Noort
 SZ: 1751333

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0 Full Siblings Dam: Toska vom Frankengold Sire: Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloß

   No full siblings.

0 Half Siblings (same dam)

   No half siblings by the same dam.


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X-Box dei Precision

  • Category
  • Reg. No. 1
  • Reg. No. 2
  • Date Of Birth
  • Tattoo
  • Micro Chip
  • Coat Type
  • Color
  • Title
  • Show Rank
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • SZ/2209540
  • CKC/67911
  • October 16, 2005
  • CEC31R
  • N/A
  • Stock Coat (Stockhaar)
  • sb - Blk/Brn
  • N/A
  • V1 (DEU)

Genetic Health

  • Hips (HD)
  • Elbows (ED)
  • Breed Value
  • DM
  • DNA Profile
  • 80
  • Checked

Anatomy Data

  • Date
  • Height/Withers
  • Breast Depth
  • Breast Width
  • Weight
  • N/A
  • 63.5 cm / 25 in
  • 29 cm / 11.4 in
  • 78 cm / 30.7 in
  • 33.0 kg / 72.8 lbs

Koer Report

Breeder: Philip Eram, Canada - Kilbride, ON L7P 0H2

Evaluation of general condition, size, structure, firmness of ligaments, gait, drives, self confidence and loadability (TSB)

Overall assessment: Medium-sized, medium-bodied, slightly stretched, especially expressive. Eligible pattern head, excellent expression, very harmonious topline, high withers, good, elegant croup of good length. Very good bending of the pre and rear, balanced chest proportions, normal front, straight step sequence shows outreaching, flowing transitions with marked increment. Nature surely, TSB pronounced; desist.

Temperament, nerves, gun sureness, drives, self confidence, loadability (TSB)

Temperament: firm; natural; lively
Alert, Attentive: present
Nerves: firm
Impartiality: present
Gun sureness: present
TSB: pronounced; dog releases

Evaluation in stand and motion

Secondary sex characteristics: pronounced
Constitution: medium strong; dry
Expression: lively
Structural characteristics: distinctly stretched; substantial
Bones: medium strong; dry
Muscles: strong
Firmness of ligaments, front: good
Firmness of ligaments, rear: very good
Back: firm
Elbow alignment: sufficiently
Firmness of pasterns: good
Front: not quite straight
Croup: normal length; normal lay
Firmness of hocks: good
Gait: front toed-in gait; back straight gait
Length of stride - front reach: very good
Length of stride - rear drive: very effective
Nails: dark
Paws: Front round, tight; back round, tight
Head: very strong
Colour of eyes: dark
Upper jaw: strong
Lower jaw: strong
Dentition: healthy; strong; without gaps; scissors bite
Dentition faults: -

Special qualities, faults (to supplement overall assessment): Striking type male with very good gear systems.

Advice for breeding (Recommendations - Warnings): Suitable for large females and improve the head formation.

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