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Qualli von der Flur
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Sire: Wallace aus Agrigento

Wallace aus Agrigento
  •  SZ: 2017496
  • DOB: March 26, 1998
  • Tattoo: M-D 8898
  • Color: sg
  • Title: SchH3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 86
  • Show Rank: SG1

Dam: Minka von der Flur

Minka von der Flur
  •  SZ: 1963592
  • DOB: March 16, 1996
  • Tattoo: H-E 1778
  • Color: sbA
  • Title: SchH.1/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 79
  • Show Rank: N/A


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0 Full SiblingsDam: Minka von der FlurSire: Wallace aus Agrigento

   No full siblings.

101 Half Siblings (same sire)


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Qualli von der Flur

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  • SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)
  • 95
  • N/A

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  • N/A
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Koer Report

Bigger, very expressive, very dry and firm, in very good height and length ratio developed bitch. Very good length and situation of the croup, very good angulations of the pre and hind angulation, correct Brisket in proportion, clean front. In the back and in front clean-stepping, wide outreaching, very strong gait with free precedence and very effective supply. Nature surely, UCB pronouncedly; does not discharge. 2003 Sieger Show Report: Bigger, bone-Strong, good strength and substantial, good expression, well, extremely correct body structures, the length and Brisket in proportion pronounced from point of the wither to the end route of length, high Withers, very good upper and Underline, firm straight back, correct croup length pigments and - layer, very good first option bending with very long, very well stored Shoulder Blade, very good rear spar and bending with correctly clubs put on and strong structurally strong, clean front lines, clean-stepping, very volatile ground covering gait with free precedence and strong supply with very good equilibrium position. Unfortunately Qualli was by day the meeting not whole in the desired hair condition. Hp breed value: 87.

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