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SG4  Gwendy von der Vallendarer Höhe

Gwendy von der Vallendarer Höhe
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Sire: Saber vom Steffen Haus

Saber vom Steffen Haus
  •  SZ: 717678
  • DOB: October 11, 1997
  • Tattoo: AR 7802
  • Color: sb
  • Title: SchH.3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 78
  • Show Rank: N/A

Dam: Hexe vom Steffen Haus

Hexe vom Steffen Haus
  •  SZ: 65375201
  • DOB: July 28, 1996
  • Tattoo: A-R 5201
  • Color: sb
  • Title: SchH.2/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 73
  • Show Rank: SG61


vom Mönchberg
SZ: 1910983
Zapp vom Mönchberg
Natz vom Steigerhof
 SZ: 1841632
Nutz vom Mönchberg
 SZ: 1764053
Mark vom Haus Beck
 SZ: 1669141
von Deodatus
SZ: 721650
Scott von Deodatus
Gustl vom Wildsteiger Land
 SZ: 1810104
Jeck vom Noricum
 SZ: 1705812
Anett vom Noricum
 SZ: 1624738
Karmen vom Murrtal
 SZ: 1725635
Ayke vom Murrtal
 SZ: 1578940
vom Steffen Haus
SZ: 44445702
Xtra vom Steffen Haus
Dhorne de Clos de Savoie
 SZ: 351207
Lada del Tonduli
 SZ: 334558
Iska Grubenstolz
 SZ: 1577724

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Gwendy von der Vallendarer Höhe

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Genetic Health

  • Hips (HD)
  • Elbows (ED)
  • Breed Value
  • DM
  • DNA Profile
  • SV: HD a-normal (a1)
  • 67
  • N/A

Anatomy Data

  • Date
  • Height/Withers
  • Breast Depth
  • Breast Width
  • Weight
  • 2002/2003
  • 60 cm (23.6 in)
  • 27 cm (10.6 in)
  • 76 cm (29.9 in)
  • 29.5 kg (64.9 lbs)

Koer Report

Largely, strongly, very good building conditions. Geprägestark, very type and expressionful. Expression-full head, high and long Widerderrist. Very good upper line, normal situation and length of the croup, very good situation and length of the Shoulder Blade, very good situation and length of the upper arm. Very good bending of the rear spar and, balanced chest conditions, very good Underline. Correct front and signal element sequence, Gangwerk with free precedence and effective supply during good back transmission, expenditure-maturing very far. Safe nature, UCB pronouncedly; does not discharge. 2001 Sieger Show Report: A large, strong, contentful dog in very good building relationship. It is typeful, drying and firm, has much expression, a high Withers, a harmonious back line, as well as a good length and situation of the croup with strongly well bemuskelten clubs. Very good pre and rear spar and bending, good pre and Unterbrust, correct front, it go in front and in the back correctly, show very strong space gain-end courses. In the final phase of the course work sample it becomes slightly flat. In-breeding Odin Tannenmeise/Jeck Noricum as well as over the nut/mother witch v. Steffen house evaluated with selection should be able the dog in desired type of nut/mother of it to positively leave.

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