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V12  Kimbo vom Mönchberg

Kimbo vom Mönchberg
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Sire: Jaguar vom Mönchberg

Jaguar vom Mönchberg
  •  SZ: 1868241
  • DOB: April 29, 1993
  • Tattoo: H-L 4717
  • Color: sgM
  • Title: SchH3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 94
  • Show Rank: V3

Dam: Julchen vom Mönchberg

Julchen vom Mönchberg
  •  SZ: 1795719
  • DOB: December 21, 1990
  • Tattoo: H-L 4219
  • Color: sgM
  • Title: SchH.1/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 96
  • Show Rank: N/A


vom Haus Lach
SZ: 1788395
Dax vom Haus Lach
vom Mönchberg
SZ: 1764056
Nodessa vom Mönchberg
von der Wienerau
SZ: 1696278
Zigo von der Wienerau
Odin von Tannenmeise
 SZ: 1374024
Quando von Arminius
 SZ: 1547134
Xaver von Arminius
 SZ: 1417644
Häsel von Tannenmeise
 SZ: 1177079
vom Mönchberg
SZ: 1708446
Narzisse vom Mönchberg
Ode vom Mönchberg
 SZ: 1657105
Apoll vom Fliederbusch
 SZ: 1548386
Ex vom Schlumborn
 SZ: 1395542

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68 Half Siblings (same sire)


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Kimbo vom Mönchberg

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  • SV: HD a-normal (a1)
  • 86
  • N/A

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  • N/A
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Koer Report

Koer report: Largely, force and contentful, very good type, high widerrist, firm back, somewhat bent croup, correct pre and rear spar and bending. Very good Unterlinie, good front. Straight trittfolge in front and in the back. Strong, far expenditure-maturing courses with much space gain and very good back transmission. Safe nature, UCB pronouncedly; Dog does not discharge. --------> Koerung 99: Excellent condition, strong and maskulin; discharges. --------> Judege Report 2000: Convey-largely, force and contentful, deeply posed, pronounced widerrist, firm back, very good length and situation of the croup. Stresses bent rear spar and, very well bent first option. In the back straight signal element sequence, in front nuance soil narrow, from well stored back strong courses with effective supply and free precedence, expenditure-maturing far. Very harmonious upper and Unterlinie. Nearly 5-jaehrig on the high point of its exhibition career points itself the Ruede to completed interpretation and rounding. The second group of descendants leaves again a positive impression, again with qualitatively highly standing single animals, which is underlined by the v-selection evaluation of a daughter.

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