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V1  Pitt von Tronje

Pitt von Tronje
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Sire: Amigo vom Belgier

Amigo vom Belgier
  •  SZ: 1770906
  • DOB: January 28, 1990
  • Tattoo: N-P 3094
  • Color: sgA
  • Title: SchH.3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 85
  • Show Rank: V4

Dam: Tini vom Schwabental

Tini vom Schwabental
  •  SZ: 1740669
  • DOB: October 12, 1988
  • Tattoo: G-A 5111
  • Color: sg
  • Title: SchH.1/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 86
  • Show Rank: N/A


vom Hirschel
SZ: 1668731
Frei vom Hirschel
Tell vom Großen Sand
 SZ: 1523173
Sonny vom Badener-Land
 SZ: 1391803
Canto von Arminius
 SZ: 1277394
Jenny vom Großen Sand
 SZ: 1427244
Lasso di Val Sole
 SZ: 241967
Ica vom Haus Reiterland
 SZ: 1593830
Reza vom Haus Beck
 SZ: 1341149
Afra vom Haus Reiterland
 SZ: 1472746
Assi von Mendely
 SZ: 1376739
von Minervaburg
SZ: 602511
Lotty von Minervaburg
Juky von Minervaburg
 SZ: 1739707
Enda van Muikenshof
 SZ: 447126
Mona von Tronje
 SZ: 1400052
von Allamo
SZ: 1604510
Quinto von Allamo
Aramis von Allamo
 SZ: 1501595
Mony vom Haus Eyll
 SZ: 1412741
vom Klingenhof
SZ: 1646827
Perle vom Klingenhof
Celly vom Klingenhof
 SZ: 1461297
Atlas vom Reststrauch
 SZ: 1376172
Herzog von Adeloga
 SZ: 1309656
Wespe vom Haus Unnersberg
 SZ: 1387587
Cäsar von Arminius
 SZ: 1277393
Elfe von Arminius
 SZ: 1297234

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89 Progeny

97 Half Siblings (same sire)

1 Half Siblings (same dam)


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Pitt von Tronje

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  • SV: HD a-normal (a1)
  • 89
  • N/A

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Koer Report

Koer Report: Koer report: Grossrahmig, type and expressionful, very good upper line, pronounced bending of the pre and rear spar and, chest conditions balanced. Front and trittfolge straight, spaceseizing courses, effective supply, free precedence. Nature surely, hardness, courage and combat impulse pronouncedly; discharges. Koerung 97: Very good condition, very good maintenance state. --------> Judge report: Large, very self-confident, expressionful, bone-strong Ruede with high widerrist while stationary and in the motion. Very well stored, long croup. Stresses bent rear spar and, long, very well stored upper arm. Very balanced chest conditions, correct front. Straight signal element sequence. Well stored back. Courses with effective supply, free precedence and effective back transmission, expenditure-maturing far. It shows very straight signal element sequence with pronounced bending and convinces by its incrementation and back transmission in the fast motion with and without assistance of the line. Nearly 7-jaehrig presents itself the Ruede in it own the freshness, condition and presentation, which he remarkably often proved in the course of his exhibition career in the past years. This is surely a proof for his outstanding constitution and maximum stress, which are confirmed also by the high number of demonstrated descendants in the customs dog classes. Both paternally and muetterlich alternatively bred, he is free from the q-throw Arminius, which for many dog owners with accumulated in-breeding on the q-throw should be interesting. In addition it comes that the Ruede of the total structure and of the course of motion leaves hardly desires open. I see the evaluation v-selection explaining as earned conclusion of a probably unique exhibition career of the dog, which is able, its extraordinary class also at the advanced age lastingly.

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