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VA4  Joga von Adeloga

Joga von Adeloga
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Sire: Klodo von der Wienerau

Klodo von der Wienerau
  •  SZ: 1203333
  • DOB: November 30, 1969
  • Tattoo: N/A
  • Color: sg
  • Title: SchH.2/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: N/A
  • Show Rank: V33

Dam: Dixie von Adeloga

Dixie von Adeloga
  •  SZ: 1233850
  • DOB: March 1, 1971
  • Tattoo: N/A
  • Color: sgM
  • Title: SchH.2/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: N/A
  • Show Rank: N/A


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Joga von Adeloga

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  • SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)
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  • N/A
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Koer Report

Harmonious build, above medium height, good bone strength, very good chest proportions and very well angulated limbs. Walks a bit narrow at the hocks. Far reaching gaits from a slightly unsteady back. Sound temperament, pronounced courage and fighting drive. RS 78: Unsteady back is no longer detectable. Back is now firm. Very good croup position and length.

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