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VA1  Saabat von Aurelius

Saabat von Aurelius
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Sire: Ober von Bad-Boll

Ober von Bad-Boll
  •  SZ: 2169889
  • DOB: July 21, 2005
  • Tattoo: M-F 8410
  • Color: sbA
  • Title: SchH3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 75
  • Show Rank: VA1

Dam: Juri vom Schollweiher

Juri vom Schollweiher
  •  SZ: 2217697
  • DOB: April 5, 2008
  • Tattoo: M-E 5015
  • Color: sbA (Black, Brown ma
  • Title: IPO-3/Kkl1
  • Breed Value: 75
  • Show Rank: VA3


vom Kapellenberg
SZ: 2128303
Giovanni vom Kapellenberg
Quantum von Arminius
 SZ: 2055986
Only vom Wutachtal
 SZ: 2010235
Xano Shanto's
 SZ: 1908269
zum Gigelsfelsen
SZ: 2078498
Aike zum Gigelsfelsen
Kevin vom Murrtal
 SZ: 2020273
Rikkor von Bad-Boll
 SZ: 1919865
Ulk von Arlett
 SZ: 1769704
Hella vom Wutachtal
 SZ: 1839291
Aischa vom Holundergarten
 SZ: 1890244
Luck von Batu
 SZ: 1823760
Tamy vom Natoplatz
 SZ: 1833491
Toska zum Gigelsfelsen
 SZ: 2025493
Ursus von Batu
 SZ: 1932624
Verena von Batu
 SZ: 1834230
Xena aus Agrigento
 SZ: 1893887
Rendi aus Agrigento
 SZ: 1808859
du Haut Mansard
SZ: 2164725
Vegas du Haut Mansard
Pakros d' Ulmental
 SZ: 2138739
Bax von der Luisenstraße
 SZ: 2042606
Odin vom Hirschel
 SZ: 1925447
Beaury van Huis Kirura
 NHSB: 2052600
Karma vom Ochsentor
 SZ: 2031747
Wasko d'Ulmental
 LOI: 663535
Feli vom Ochsentor
 SZ: 1972216
d' Ulmental
SZ: 2201834
Fraya d' Ulmental
Xaro d' Ulmental
 SZ: 2148106
Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof
 SZ: 2062851
Ursus von Batu
 SZ: 1932624
Raya d'Ulmental
 SZ: 105985
Daffy dei Tre Pini
 SZ: 540829
Karma vom Ochsentor
 SZ: 2031747
Wasko d'Ulmental
 LOI: 663535
Elly vom Feuerball
 SZ: 1791147
Feli vom Ochsentor
 SZ: 1972216
Uska vom Ochsentor
 SZ: 1829611

Photos of Saabat von Aurelius


Posted: 21-06-14
Wow! this is a SUPER Dogs! What an incredible breeding!


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Saabat von Aurelius

  • Category
  • Reg. No. 1
  • Reg. No. 2
  • Date Of Birth
  • Tattoo
  • Micro Chip
  • Coat Type
  • Color
  • Title
  • Show Rank
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • SZ/2257868
  • N/A
  • August 3, 2010
  • N/A
  • 981189900006086
  • Stock Coat (Stockhaar)
  • sb
  • IPO-3/Kkl1
  • VA1 (DEU)

Genetic Health

  • Hips (HD)
  • Elbows (ED)
  • Breed Value
  • DM
  • DNA Profile
  • SV: HD a-normal (a1)
  • SV: ED a-normal
  • 84
  • Geprüft - Checked

Anatomy Data

  • Date
  • Height/Withers
  • Breast Depth
  • Breast Width
  • Weight
  • 2013-14
  • 65 cm / 25.6 in
  • 30 cm / 11.8 in
  • 84 cm / 33.1 in
  • 38.0 kg / 83.8 lbs

Koer Report

Big, strong, type and expression, very good, strong masculine head with dark eye. High, long withers, very good lines, solid, straight back, very good length and situation of the croup, balanced chest proportions, straight front, very good overall angulation, very good, space-creating Gänge.Wesen firmly, TSB pronounced.

V. Extremely typey male.

VI. Suitable for: To improve the anatomy and overall "type" an ideal dog for this purpose.

Groß, kräftig, typ- und ausdrucksvoll, sehr guter, kräftiger Rüdenkopf mit dunklem Auge. Hoher, langer Widerrist, sehr gute Linienführung, fester, gerader Rücken, sehr gute Länge und Lage der Kruppe, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front, sehr gute Gesamtwinkelungen, sehr gute, raumschaffende Gänge.Wesen sicher und fest, TSB ausgeprägt.

V. Ausgesprochen typvoller Rüde.

VI. Zur Verbesserung des anatomischen Aufbaus und zur allgemeinen Typverbesserung verwendbar.


Judge's report BSZS 2013 catalog number: 1197 - VA - GHKL -R Breed Judge: Lothar Quoll

Large , medium strong and substantial, built up in the correct building relationships, expressive and intensely pigmented male. Well shaped head with dark mask and dark eyes. Good running topline with good Widerristbildung as well as good croup situation and length. Very good limb angulation. Balanced chest proportions with good under bust course. The pasterns should be a little firmer. Almost straight step and step sequences. Powerful supplies, good back transmission and Free stride in good equilibrium convey a harmonious movement. The advantages of the nearly three-year Saabat lie in its very noble overall appearance associated with building balanced and fair, and his excellent pigment. The dog, who also has a well-established family background is, type moderately assign his mother. Saabat can alter according to present no progeny group. In his home country of Austria was first presented a very young group on the local Sieger show that could convince at first go. The typical father offspring shown 25 originate without exception the junior classes.

TSB Judge: Heinz Gerdes . Tool (4 /4).
A : Good transport .
B: Goes well in the helper must keep firm grip a little quieter , captures attention , triggers 2x .
C: Goes well by the attack , keep a firm grip even a little quieter , captures attention and punchy.


Judge's report BSHZS 2012 Catalog No. : 1083 - V 16 Saabat of Aurelius. GHKL -R Breed Judge: Rüdiger May

A big, strong, very expressive dog with very good head. It is constructed in a very good building conditions and has a very good top and bottom line. The croup has good location and is of good length . Very well angulated front and rear hand and balanced chest proportions. The front is straight. Front straight - back low close stepping. The very good reach and powerful replenishment should also be shown abgeleint dynamically.

TSB Judge: Jürgen Maibüchen . (WZ 3/3)
A : Good transport , something is going on .
B : Moderately vigorous attack , safely under load. Good draining , active surveillance.
C : Jumps safely through the attack , handle should be clearly full . Certainly under load. Good draining , very good guard.

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